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Measure Facebook Engagement & Marketing
Measure Facebook Engagement & Marketing

Find out exactly how to analyze and improve on your Facebook marketing efforts!

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Facebook is a phenomenal marketing outlet for real estate agents! Whether using Facebook casually, actively, or even paying for ads on their service, it is imperative that REALTORS® understand and measure the success of their efforts.

The Web4Realty Dashboard makes it easy to analyze the performance of any campaign, including those from Facebook! Using these insights, real estate professionals can make data-driven decisions to maximize the performance of future campaigns!

🎥 Watch the video below to find out exactly how it’s done! 

Here are 5 examples of insights you can gain from the Dashboard:

  1. Identifying the optimal day of the week to share on Facebook

  2. Identifying the optimal time of day to place your Facebook ads

  3. Identifying the blog topics your Facebook followers are most interested in

  4. Identifying the communities your Facebook followers are most interested in

  5. Finding out which blog headlines attract the most clicks

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