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Facebook Ads for REALTORS®
Facebook Ads for REALTORS®

Understand the fundamentals to setup, publish, and manage Facebook advertising campaigns as a real estate agent!

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Webinar Breakdown:

#1 How to create a Facebook Page for your Business 1:20

#2 How to setup a Facebook Business Manager Account 2:42

#3 The Structure of Facebook Ads 5:57

#4 Facebook Ad Stats 2019 10:51

#5 What is Facebook's Pixel code 13:47

#6 How to get your Facebook Pixel code 19:00

#7 Preparing a Facebook Ad Campaign 21:46

#8 How to create and launch a Facebook Ad Campaign 29:56

Facebook Ads Structure

There are three structural terms you must understand. Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads.

Campaigns are the parent group, they outline your overall objective.

  • Seniors Looking to Downsize

  • Pre-Construction Project Registration

  • Find out what your neighbours sold for

Ad Sets define who will see the advertisement + budget and other optimization rules you set

  • Aged 50+, looking to sell, desktop only

  • Aged 25-30, looking to buy, mobile only

  • Aged 30+ in specific postal codes

Ads are the actual advertisements that the public will interact with (e.g. images, video, text etc.)

  • Image of happy senior couple

  • Video provided by the developer/builder

  • Photo of the specific neighbourhood

If you're new to Facebook Ads, or ad building in general - keep things simple. A single campaign, with a single ad set, and a single ad. 

Facebook Ads Stats 2019


  1. Facebook users engage with 11 ads per month on average

  2. 71% of adults in North America use Facebook

  3. Seniors are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook

  4. 3 out of 4 users will use Facebook daily

Facebook's Pixel

-It allows you (and their artificial intelligence algorithms) to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.

After 6-12 months of collecting data from your website and your released ads; you can begin leveraging ads to lookalike audiences.

If you have a list of leads and clients in an excel document you can import them and create a custom audience. You can then set your ads to be released to them and even lookalikes. 

Are You Prepared?

Before thinking about running advertising through Facebook, you need to be prepared to answer 3 questions: 

  1. What's your CTA/value proposition? (Campaign)

  2. Who are you targeting your ads to? (Ad Set)

  3. What creative and copy will you use? (Ad)

Your call-to-action will help you meet your objective. If your objective is to get sellers, then you need to offer something so worthwhile that they will consider interacting with your advertising.

When deciding who to target, you should do research and consider:

✅ What age range is looking for your service?
✅ Is gender a factor?
✅ Does your demographic use Facebook?
✅ Do they browse on all device types?
✅ What hobbies or interests do they have?

When developing your advertisement creative, you need to prepare and consider: 

✅ Will you use image(s) or video?
✅ What imagery will resonate with your target?
✅ What text will resonate with your target?
✅ What landing page will they land on?

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