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Pay-Per-Click Marketing For Real Estate Agents
Pay-Per-Click Marketing For Real Estate Agents

It’s no surprise then that the majority of top performing real estate agents utilize Google’s marketing services to improve their business!

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Consider the fact that 75% of all searches made online happen with Google or that 90% of home buyers start their search online.

For real estate agents, there’s really no excuse to NOT leverage Google in your marketing and when it comes to the best Google's ad services, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is second to none!

To understand what PPC is, just run any Google search (Example: best real estate agent Mississauga)

You will notice that Google’s results are divided primarily into two segments - the uppermost results and those under them.As you may imagine, the most exposure and interest takes place with the uppermost results. 

These are known as SPONSORED results … in other words, these are the Pay-Per-Click results!


Pay-per-click advertising is arguably the most efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy available to generate real estate leads.

1. You only pay when someone actually CLICKS your ad.

2. Your ad is only appearing to people who are running searches for the exact keywords you want to appear for.

3. Google Ads campaigns allow massive flexibility to ensure you are targeting your ideal audience. You can choose to only display your ads based on criteria such as age, gender, income, location and more!


There is a science to PPC campaign building. 

In fact, there is an entire field of study and profession based around this - it’s not as simple as picking keywords you think are best. At Elm Street Repeat & Referral, we have in-house PPC experts who begin by sending you a specialized questionnaire.

The questionnaire will serve to help them understand your business; your target demographic, business goals, and unique competitive advantage. 

With this information, they tailor a unique pay-per-click strategy to meet your business needs and goals!  The process involves keyword research, competitive analysis, ad copy, and landing page setup.


PPC campaigns are ongoing processes - you can’t just sit back and relax...unless you like losing money! Our team continuously analyzes the results of your campaigns and make on-going optimizations as necessary. 

These optimizations ensure a campaign is yielding the highest return on your dollar. We make data-driven decisions to re-invest in the strategies that yield results and modify those that haven’t. You will never feel out of the loop because we provide reports on a bi-weekly basis and offer consultation should anything be unclear.

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