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10 Real Estate Blogging Commandments
10 Real Estate Blogging Commandments

Understand what a blog is, why they are essential for REALTORS®, and how to produce the most engaging content for your audience!

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To simplify, blogs are articles - each blog (or article) has a specific topic and purpose in mind. They can be informative, entertaining, inspiring, emotional etc...

Blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies available because it's free to do, promotes an interactive relationship with your audience, bolsters your brand, and increases website traffic (via sharing and SEO).

You do not need to be a professional writer to start blogging. The only requirement you need is a passion for the topic, in your case, real estate!

Here are some mind-blowing blogging stats:

✅ Less than 20% of REALTORS® have ever blogged

✅ REALTORS® that blog are 30% more likely to generate leads than those who don't

✅ 98% of REALTORS® who have blogged once have generated a lead from their website

✅ In one year, REALTORS® who blogged at least once were 5X more likely to generate at least 20 leads from their websites

The 10 Real Estate Blogging Commandments

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