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On-Page SEO for Real Estate Websites
On-Page SEO for Real Estate Websites

Discover how to optimize each and every page of your website for search engines.

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Webinar Breakdown:

0:36 What is Search Engine Optimization

1:22 How SEO leads to high quality leads

4:17 On-Page v.s. Off-Page SEO

6:04 What are Backlinks?

11:15 Why focus on Search Engine Optimization?

15:05 On-Page SEO variables you can optimize 

16:39 Optimizing your Browser Titles

20:26 How to edit your Browser Titles in PageManager

22:13 Optimizing your Meta Descriptions

24:13 How to edit your Meta Descriptions in PageManager

25:19 Optimizing your Heading Tags

27:44 How to assign your Heading Tags in PageManager

29:13 Optimizing your URL's

30:38 How to edit your URL's in PageManager

31:18 Optimizing your Images

32:55 How to add Image alt-text in PageManager

34:25 Additional Image Optimizations

36:50 Optimizing your website Content

41:00 Targeting long-tail keywords

45:30 Creating Internal Links

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