How to setup 404 Landing Pages
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Setting up your 404 Landing Page is a great way to direct users to ideal pages of choice. By default, the 404 Landing Page is directed to your homepage, however, we provide full access for you to change this.

What is a 404 Landing Page?

Your website has an address, otherwise known as a domain name (e.g Every page of your website has its own unique address which appears as an extension of your domain.

For example, you may have a page called Toronto Listings and thus the page address is extended (e.g. In many cases, pages of your site may be renamed, edited, or removed entirely (e.g. a sold listing which is removed from the system).

If a website visitor accidentally goes to the wrong link, or finds a link on Google that is actually expired โ€“ generally it will load a broken page with a 404 error. This is bad! 404 Landing Pages solves this problem.

Any page that has been edited/expired/dead will no longer reveal an error, but instead they will redirect the visitor to a page of your choice!

How to configure my 404 Landing Page?

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