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Thank you for signing up for a new account! Now, we can begin the approval process with your MLS.

Your board [INSERT MLS NAME] requires members and their Principal Brokers requesting data access to sign a data access agreement in order to use IDX services.

Within 1 hour of receipt of this email, you will be emailed a link from PandaDoc, an Electronic Signing Platform, requesting your signature on your IDX Agreement. Once you complete all of your required fields and sign, the Agreement will be automatically routed to your Principal Broker for their signature. After you sign, we recommend letting your Principal Broker know the email is in their inbox so they are aware that the request is for you.

Once your Principal Broker signs, our MLS Approval Team will be notified. We will sign as the data vendor/website consultant, and submit the agreement to your board for review and approval.

Upon receiving approval, we will notify you and enable your account access to the real estate listings.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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