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How to add a Group Tag to a contact
How to add a Group Tag to a contact
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You’re probably wondering, what is a Group Tag?

In LeadBank CRM, you are able to assign Group Tags to any contact. This allows you to easily categorize and organize your clients into groups. Let’s illustrate with two examples:

  • You assign 10 of your contacts with a tag named pre-construction.When the time comes that a pre-construction project of interest becomes available, you can quickly find those 10 clients under the pre-construction group tag and send the information, call them etc.. instead of sending irrelevant (and sometimes annoying) emails/communications to all your clients.

  • You assign 30 of your contacts with a tag named Senior, and 40 of your contacts with a tag named First-Time BuyerThe circumstances of a senior engaging in a real estate transaction greatly differs from those of a first time home buyer. By assigning tags like these, relevant and meaningful communications can be sent to each group independently.

How to create and assign group tags to your contacts

It’s very easy and takes a few seconds. Watch the video below for a full demonstration:

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