All contact forms on your website use SmartTrack technology to recognize who is filling out a form on your website!

The Benefits of SmartTrack

If you have a lead on your website who submits more than one form, these submissions will be stored and consolidated to a single contact profile!

Let’s use an example:

  • A potential buyer named John Smith visits your website. 

  • John is looking to purchase a condo in Toronto and uses your website to find condo listings of interest.

  • Over the course of the week, John requests a showing to 5 listings he’s interested in. 

In this example, John Smith has submitted 5 forms.

With SmartTrack, all submissions are consolidated to a single John Smith contact profile!

Without SmartTrack, you would have 5 John Smith contacts in your CRM.

When would I disable SmartTrack

If you plan on using a contact form on a single device which will be filled out by multiple people, you should disable SmartTrack!

Some examples would include door-to-door marketing, conventions and booths.

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