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Integrate with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB)
Integrate with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB)
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1) Log into your TorontoMLS account.

2) Click "MLS Services" on the top right hand corner, takes you to Spotlight.

3) In the middle of the page, look for and click "Data Agreements" (centre column, 5 down)

4) Login to "TRREB Online Agreements"

5) Click "Start New"

6) From here, select the appropriate agreement(s) one at a time and click Continue to complete

  • Data Licence Agreement

  • IDX Data Agreement

  • VOW Data Agreement (ONLY if you have signed up for VOW)

Please use the information below to complete the Agreements:

When inputting the THIRD PARTY/AVP information, do the following:
– For THIRD PARTY select either Deckspire OR Web4Realty from the dropdown
– Put Omar Garcia as the THIRD PARTY CONTACT
– Put [email protected] as the THIRD PARTY/AVP EMAIL

– Put 866-822-0622 as the PHONE

– Put 548 Market St, Suite 64636, San Francisco, CA 94104 as MAILING ADDRESS

You can also call TRREB help desk for assistance at 416-443-8111.

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